All of our after-school instructors are dedicated teachers with something meaningful to share with our children. They embody the Woods' Mission, which is to empower students to achieve their full potential in academics and in all areas of their lives.

Jake Weaver


Hello! My name is Jake Weaver. I’m a Siler City, NC native and Jordan Matthews High School Alumni. I am so excited to announce that I will be the new Director of Before & After School Programming here at Woods Charter School. A little about myself, I am twenty-one years old have worked with children for almost 7 years. I started out my career of childcare at the Boys & Girls Club in SIler City as a Teen Volunteer and within a year of dedication and volunteerism, I was offered a job as a Program Leader. After I graduated from High School in 2016, I began working with the YMCA. I was placed here, at Woods Charter, as a Site Coordinator. Now, I will be transiting from the YMCA to become Woods Charter’s Director of Before and After School Programming. In addition to working full-time, I will continue attending CCCC as a part-time student majoring in Elementary Education. I cannot wait to work with some familiar faces, and meet some new ones!


Hi, my name is Karoline I am seventeen years old and I am a senior in high school.  I enjoy doing arts of different forms. I like pottery, small wood work, photography and computer graphics. I plan to study dentistry in the near future, and my goal is to go to school for orthodontics. I would like to continue studying sign language in hopes of using it in my career setting.

 I had the privilege of volunteering at my community church tending to school age and pre-school kids in addition to volunteering at Woods Charter Summer Camp. These experiences allowed me to grow socially and develop my leadership skills. Moving forward, I hope to gain an enriching job experience while working with Woods Charter School's after-school program!


Josephine Valgus

Josie Valgus is a sixth-grader at Woods Charter School and has attended Woods since kindergarten. She plays indoor volleyball on the middle school team and with Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club and plays sand volleyball with Blue Sky.  For her 6th Grade Passion Project, Josie is eager to introduce the sport to new players. Josie also enjoys spending time with her family, exploring outdoors, and baking.

Taylor Transue

My name is Taylor Transue. I am the mother of two great girls- Ellie and Lucy Poitras. I love being a mom and I love doing lots of activities with my girls.  We like to run, ride bikes, swim, play sports, and spend lots of time outside! We have two dogs named Honey Jane and Bea, 6 pet hens, and two pet rabbits.
Tobin Logan

Coach Tobin Logan has  25+ years of experience working with children and holds a bachelor's degree in U.S. History from UNC.   He has played in over 800 tournament chess games and is rated over 1700 USCF.  He has taught chess to children in many individual and group settings since 2008.  In chess training, he uses a whole-game approach that centers around focus, patience, and consistent ongoing effort to find each individual talent level.  He encourages a tournament-style orientation and decorum in pursuit of these goals, and allows plenty of time for the sheer enjoyment of the game and all of the life lessons that come along the way.