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Woods Charter School's First-Ever Chess Teams Forming this Year!

Who: Students in Grade 2 and Up

When: Thursdays, January 17th through March 21st

Time: 3:15pm to 4:30pm

Fee: $145

Sign your student up for one of two REAL chess teams! 

(Beginner and Intermediate)

Students will learn chess fundamentals and strategies that enhance learning skills and critical thinking.

We will build confidence and have the option to compete against other local schools.

This opportunity is open to both novice and experienced players, who will form beginning and advanced teams.

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Mar 21, 2019
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Don't miss this opportunity for your child to engage in a FUNctional after-school class!  Taylor Transue, first grade teacher and exercise enthusiast,  will lead this one hour excursion into physical fitness on Wednesday afternoons starting March 13th and ending May 15th, just in time for the students to participate in the May 18th Obstacle Course Challenge!  Read this article to see why participating in an obstacle course class is GREAT for your child.


Sequencing and Memory– Obstacle courses can teach your child to sequence a multi-step activity as well as challenge their memory by progressively increasing the demands of the activity. 
  1. Sensory Input– Within the course various activities to provide multiple sensory inputs! Some provide proprioceptive (deep pressure) input by having your child engage in heavy work.  The obstacle course can include activities in all planes of vestibular movements, including linear (up and down), saggital (side to side) and rotary (spinning).
  2. Strengthening and Balance– Multiple activities within the obstacle course can provide opportunities to build your child’s strength. 
  3. Motor Planning– Obstacle courses provide a great opportunity for your child to improve motor planning.
  4. Bilateral Coordination– Obstacle courses incorporate steps that challenge your child’s bilateral coordination.

An obstacle course is a fun activity that doubles as a functional exercise to enhance your child’s motor and sensory skills. 

Excerpted from article Obstacle Courses are FUNctional! published by North Shore Pediatric Therapy, 2/14/13