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Team sports have a positive effect on the physical health of a child, and also make him/her more sociable and confident.  Volleyball is also an exciting game form, with no physical clashes with rivals -- and the benefits for the entire body make it an ideal sport for every child!

Here are six benefts to your child(ren) of learning the game of Volleyball~

1.  Teamwork and socialization

Volleyball teaches kids teamwork and helps to establish contact with peers.

2.  Volleyball for kids has a positive impact on health

Volleyball has a good effect on health. A variety of movements in this sport loads almost all muscle groups.  Volleyball also strengthens children’s immunity and the cardiovascular system, improves the eye movement and body posture.

3.  Volleyball develops and strengthens positive qualities for the child

It forms and strengthens positive qualities that will surely be useful for a child in life as hard work, responsibility, desire to win, discipline and courage.

4.  Volleyball does not require a large financial output from the family

Volleyball is one of the least expensive sports for a child to engage in because it does not require special uniforms, fancy equipment, or hard-to-find locations.  Volleyball can be played indoors or outdoors, and all you need is a net, a ball, and a few friends!

5.  Volleyball teaches kids how to fall properly

As strange as it sounds, learning to fall properly reduces the chance of injury.  The children learn how to fall to catch the ball, and this skill is extremely useful while playing outdoors, and in many other situations.

6.  The risk of injury is lower than in many other sports

This benefit speaks for itself!  While no sport can be guaranteed "injury-free" some -- like volleyball -- are just less likely to lead to injury than others!

Adapted from an article in forKidsPlus, an internet site dedicated to improving the lives of our children.



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