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Woods is bringing its after-school program in-house this year, and expanding its coverage range to K-8. 

While the YMCA has served us well for the past decade, the school has reached a point of maturity where it is able to run its own program rather than relying on an outside entity to do so.  Among the advantages of making this change are improved accountability amd greater quality control.   These advantages will allow us to implement programmatic enhancements that will enrich the lives of our students throughout their days here, rather than just during regular school hours.

While this represents a significant change in our approach to after-school care, what isn't changing is that Jake Weaver will be returning as the Program Director.  All families who have had children in after-school over the past two years know Jake, and how well he fits into The Woods Way mission of  empowering students to achieve their full potential!




Announcing New After-School Plan for Middle School Students

Beginning this year, all middle school students remaining on campus after 3:30 MUST be registered for the after-school program.  Any students who are still at school after 3:30, and not participating in school-sanctioned activities such as clubs, yearbook, music lessons, sports teams, Science Olympiad, etc., will now be placed into the after-school program, for which parents will be charged.  Similarly, students who do remain after school to attend a school-sanctioned activity must either be picked-up immediately following their release from that activity or they will be placed into the after school program until they are picked up.  This change -- which has only become possible this year with our taking over the after-school program -- represents a much-needed improvement in the school's ability to provide proper supervision and structured enrichment activities to our students in grades 5 - 8.

Please refer to page seven of the school's Handbook, Section One: General Information, Policies & Procedures Daily Schedules, to review this requirement.

What's New

Aug 14, 2019
Update on MS Program

We have adapted the after-school program to the needs of our students in grades 5-8 by~

  • reducing the rate for middle school after-school (to $2/hour);
  • providing an hourly option (i.e., option to be charged hourly (not a flat rate for the trimester), and to be sensitive to the needs of those students who just want a partial day's care while either waiting for a school-sponsored activity to begin, or after it ends while awaiting parent pick up); and
  • begin charging September 3rd rather than August 20th, to allow parents more time to explore other options without financial implications.
Aug 17, 2019
Introducing the New Team!

The dynamic trio now responsible for running the after-school program are Jake Weaver, Karoline Mangra and Zoe Lucas. Overseeing Jake, Karoline and Zoe will be Ann Kaiyala, who has is starting her 18th year working at Woods Charter School.  Ann is the Director of Personnel and Special Services, which include school safety, transportation, and directing the summer camp program.  Ann has a B.A. in Pyschology from the University of Washington, and a J.D. from the University of Puget Sound.  Being involved in the After-School program is something she is excited to take on, especally given the opportunity to work closely with three such talented young adults!  

Here's a little more info about Jake, Karoline and Zoe~


Hello! My name is Jake Weaver. I’m a Siler City, NC native and Jordan Matthews High School Alumni. I am so excited to announce that I will be the new Director of Before & After School Programming here at Woods Charter School. A little about myself, I am twenty-one years old have worked with children for almost seven years. I started out my career in childcare at the Boys & Girls Club in SIler City as a Teen Volunteer and with only a year of dedication and volunteerism behind me, I was offered a job as a Program Leader. After I graduated from High School in 2016, I began working with the YMCA. I was placed here, at Woods Charter, as a Site Coordinator. Now, I will be transitioning from the YMCA to become Woods Charter’s Director of Before-and After-School Programming. In addition to working full-time, I will continue attending CCCC as a part-time student majoring in Elementary Education. I cannot wait to work with some familiar faces, and meet some new ones!


Hi, my name is Karoline I am seventeen years old and I am a senior in high school.  I enjoy doing arts of different forms. I like pottery, small wood work, photography and computer graphics. I plan to study dentistry in the near future, and my goal is to go to school for orthodontics. I would like to continue studying sign language in hopes of using it in my career setting.

 I had the privilege of volunteering at my community church tending to school age and pre-school kids in addition to volunteering at Woods Charter Summer Camp. These experiences allowed me to grow socially and develop my leadership skills. Moving forward, I hope to gain an enriching job experience while working with Woods Charter School's after-school program!



Hi! My name is Zoe Lucas and I am a junior at Woods Charter School. I enjoy playing volleyball and soccer as well as many hobbies like knitting, crocheting, reading, and drawing. I am the third oldest of six children, with one sister and four brothers. I plan to study to become a surgeon or pediatric doctor. This is my sixth year attending Woods. I was a participant of the theater program while in middle school. I enjoy traveling, and hope to be able to study abroad in college.

I have a two year-old niece whom I love and adore, and often take care of along with my six year old brother. I have worked in many vacation bible school programs over the years, and have also worked in a daycare. I enjoy working with kids of all ages. I believe that skills that I obtain from these programs will stay with me and prepare me for what comes next in life, and for that I’m very thankful!




Aug 12, 2019
Registration Open!

We are currently accepting registrations for the before- and after-school program by trimester only.  Please contact akaiyala@woodscharter.org if you would like to register for a longer time frame.  If enough people are interested in registering and paying for the whole year, that option will be made available.