Class Descriptions

The Woods Fall Wonders After-School Program strives to offer lots of variety in our after-school activities, with a goal of  providing a balance of structure and fun, and having something to interest all our students.  

Email us via the "Contact Us" tab if you have any suggestions of  how we may improve out program!

After-School Program (Full-Time)

The daily schedule provides a framework for students which is both fun and productive.  Here is a sample of what the schedule will be; please note that additional enrichment opportunities will be included as they become available:

Daily Schedule:

2:50-3:05 Student dismissal and arrival at program for check-in

3:05-3:15 Restroom and water break, snack and introduction to day's activities

3:15-3:45 Inside/Outdoor Physical Activity/homework hub option available

3:45-4:45 Center Rotations~Examples
● Computers
● Crafts/STEM/Add-On Class if registered (i.e., past offerings include yoga and various sports offerings;please note: there is an extra fee for these classes)
● Board Games 

4:45-5:40 Brain Workout/Homework Hub and quiet reading or other mental activity

5:45-6:00 Closing Circle and cleaning up

On Friday,  we'll change things up to allow time for a movie and popcorn! 

2:50-3:15  Same schedule

3:15-4:00 Indoor/Outdoor Physical Activity or Homework Hub 

4:00-5:45 Great Movie in the Great Room!

5:45-6:00 Closing Circle and cleaning up

Cost:  $600/trimester

After-School Program (PT/Three Days)

The daily schedule is the same as that shown for full-time after-school students.

Cost:  $360/trimester

After-School Program (PT/Two Days)

The daily schedule is the same as that shown for full-time after-school students.

Cost:  $240/trimester

After-School Program (Drop-In/One Day)

The daily schedule is the same as that shown for full-time students.  Parents who are in need of some last-minute help with after-school care may contact Jake Weaver, the Program Director, copying Ann Kaiyala, to request same.  Phone calls to the office are not recommended, but in cases of true emergency are acceptable.  You may email Jake at, copying Ann at, to notify us of your intent to use the drop-in option.

Cost:  $15/day

After-School Program for MS

Special age-approriate activities, including most of those shown in the regular daily schedule, will be provided for the middle schoolers in our care.

The Middle School after-school program costs $2/hr. and allows a by-the-hour option to meet the needs of those students who just need a partial day's care while either waiting for a school-sponsored activity to begin, or after it ends while awaiting parent pick up.

Additionally, we will not begin charging for MS care until September 3rd, to allow parents more time to explore other options without experiencing the financial implications of this newly-created program.  We would still prefer that you go ahead and register your MS student(s) now, so that we can get a sense of how many kids we need to staff for.

Before-School Program

Students may arrive as early as 7:00 a.m.  All elementary and middle school students who arrive before 8:00 (and are not accompanied by a parent or guardian until 8:00 a.m.) must be registered in the before-school program.

Cost:  $30 trimester