All of our after-school instructors are dedicated teachers with something meaningful to share with our children. They embody the Woods' Mission, which is to empower students to achieve their full potential in academics and in all areas of their lives.

Tobin Logan

Coach Tobin Logan has  25 years of experience working with children and holds a bachelor's degree in U.S. History from UNC.   He has played in over 800 tournament chess games and is rated over 1700 USCF.  He has taught chess to children in many individual and group settings since 2008.  In chess training, he uses a whole-game approach that centers around focus, patience, and consistent ongoing effort to find each individual talent level.  He encourages a tournament-style orientation and decorum in pursuit of these goals, and allows plenty of time for the sheer enjoyment of the game and all of the life lessons that come along the way.

Quest Center Martial Arts

Bryan Griffin


Mr. Griffin is a Yondan (fourth degree black belt) and former instructor at the Dayton Quest Center in Ohio. In 2007, he entered into active duty with the Marine Corps and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper. Following his military service, Mr. Griffin joined the Chapel Hill Quest Center team and now enthusiastically translates his experiences from the Hombu Dojo and real-world combat into valuable self-defense applications.